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Are you ready for an Arizona Adventure?


AAG's mission is to inspire you and get you moving while enjoying Arizona! 

This challenge is designed to be flexible – specifically tailored to your skillset. Look: EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Whether you hike, backpack or trail run…hike a day at a time or for long period - in one geography or many - this challenge is the challenge for you!

AAG Hiking Challenge is our attempt to support other people as they change their lives. We found that setting hiking goals helped us immensely in sticking to our commitment to getting outside.  While setting goals motivated us, the real change came when we were out on the trail enjoying the experience itself. 

People are not the same, and neither should a hiking challenge be.  We wanted to create a flexible challenge that people from all over Arizona and all walks of life could participate in, therefore the choice of trail is your pick!  

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