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Arizona Adventure Group™️ is an outdoor culture created together to form a rich community of understanding, diversity, inclusion, respect, and fun! A collaboration of all types of Arizona Adventures, including adventure from the Southwest! We also partner with local non-profits to help raise awareness.

est. 2018
Our Story

Arizona Adventure Group™️ (AAG) was created in 2018 due to this passion and way to connect and create a community of Arizona enthusiasts who genuinely value our beautiful state.

Established in 2020, Our blog focusing on the travel across the Southwest. We partner with some of the best business and vendors in the southwest to provide you with places to stay, eat, and play. If you like our content, don't forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

AAG has become known for its safe community and also for our Philanthropy efforts with local nonprofits. AAG provides a space for networking, sharing experiences, and education in a non-biased forum that promotes respect for others and the environment. We believe everyone has a right to live in a clean and beautiful community, and each of us shares the responsibility to contribute to that vision. 

"We're more than just a social media platform."

AAG represents a lifestyle, a sense of community, respect for nature and is an expression of enjoyment of all Arizona has to share. From adventure seekers and outdoor explorers to those who are new to the adventure spirit, the homegrown name positively impacts our community by creating an outdoor culture forming a culture of understanding, diversity, inclusion, respect, and fun.

AAG donates a percentage of profit sales to these organizations.