Experience glamping dome for an inspirational vacation! The perfect stargazing dome awaits.

People want to connect with nature and be outdoors in beautiful spaces. Far from the usual camping philosophy of “roughing it,” glamping involves comfortable beds and modern conveniences such as electricity. All of this is offered while glamping in the Domes of Versatile Properties

Versatile Properties intentionally does not offer Wifi. They want their guests to disconnect from the outside world and instead connect with themself and anyone else who is joining them.

"Location is everything"

Just 20 miles south of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, 30 minutes from Snow Bowl and 45 minutes North of Bearizona. There are plenty of options to visit while you stay at a Dome.



The Domes with Versatile Properties are sustainable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. "An off grid set up designed for those who are looking for a secluded camping/stargazing experience and want to do so without forfeiting comfort."

The design elements and materials also made the domes more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient for heating. Equipped with a gas fire and heat pumps the climate control is completed by a solar fan that lets air in and out.           


The big window is amazing, going from the floor to ceiling, more or less.  What this does is bring the outside in and you get the feeling that you are surrounded by nature.

The dramatic stargazing views and the dark night skies bring constellations to life—even the Milky Way—and they inspire curiosity and creativity.  


  • Off grid set up with solar power to outlets for charging phones, laptops, etc. 
  • Private shower/bathroom on the property for guests use.
  • Each rental has full access to their own separate bathroom/shower/sink. The shower & sink have hot water year round.
  • A composting toilet.
  • Propane grill
  • Fire pit for guests to have conversation drink/eat, and enjoy themselves around
  • Accessible for most types of vehicles, but on very rainy days (rare) the roads can get muddy and hard to maneuver.
  • Dome furnace that keeps the dome 68°f or above year round. 


Dome glamping is the ultimate mental health retreat. Experience sheer relaxation in nature while you remain safe and sound in the comfort of your glamping dome.

Experiencing a nights’ sleep in a geo dome is something everyone should do, to experience the night sky, the curvature of the angles, a cocooned feeling and nature almost at your fingertips. Choose from one of the many options from Versatile Properties.

 Images from our Glamping Experience


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