All-inclusive camping. Both in Style and Comfort.

Are you looking for something a little "different" for your next camping experience? If so, imagine this... camping with little to no preparation, and it's all prepared for you - jump in and enjoy the experience! 

Are you interested in trying the latest camping trend, Roof Top Camping? Using your car as a camping tool can be a fun and exciting way to explore the great outdoors with friends and family without the expensive cost of renting an RV, plus you won't be as limited to where you can camp as would be the case with a bulky RV. A rooftop tent (RTT) and your vehicle will allow you many opportunities to get out and enjoy all the beauty Nature has to offer. 

With as many adventures as we do, my husband and I have been considering buying a rooftop camper. Call it a rooftop tent, car-top tent, or pop-up; these new-fangled camping rigs are making ripples in the media. Before making an investment worth thousands of dollars based solely on what we thought, we decided to rent one to get some real experience.

For our camping trip to State Park, CatTial Cove, we choose to rent a 2021 Subaru Crosstrek with a Thule Tepui rooftop camper from AZ Adventure Vans. This Phoenix-based rental company has various vehicles, all fully outfitted with everything you need to camp. 

Items that are included: 

Tepui Roof Top Tent

Sleeping bags and pillows for two people

Beach Towels (2)

Water Jug

Outdoor Shower

2 Coolers, 12pck soft side, 24qrt 4 days Igloo

2 Burner Propane Cook Top

Complete REI Portable Kitchen with everything you need!

Camp Chairs (2)

Camp Table

Paper towels and toilet paper

Rechargeable Lantern 

Folding Shovel

Optional Annex Changing Room

Optional Bike Rack

What was even more impressive was discovering that AZ Adventure Vans supports clean energy and takes action to measure and reduce its carbon footprint. But, you might ask yourself, "What does that carbon offset mean..." It's simple; Carbon offsets are essentially a trade. When you buy an offset, you fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. So, just from taking a drive, it's possible to take responsibility and reverse some of the damage we are causing right now.

My initial concern was the drag and weight of the rooftop camper, I kept looking through the moonroof, but the Tepui was solid with each turn and at highway speeds. At times, I forgot there was anything on the roof; it handled very well and was comfortable for the three-hour drive. 

Setting up camp with the rooftop camper in the Thule Tepui was quick and easy. A single person can deploy and break down the tent with its intuitive internal telescoping frame poles. And once deployed, the spacious interior features a wide entry, oversized panoramic windows, and dual skylights for plenty of breathability and an expansive view of the stars. The tent even held up with minimal movement with 20mph winds in the cove. This tent is an absolute game-changer for the outdoor and overland markets. Now, just about any pickup, small car, or SUV can be equipped with a rooftop tent that you'd want to sleep in AND is simple to operate.

The overall experience was epic! I suggest, if you're considering purchasing a rooftop tent or just wanting to escape, we highly recommend AZ Adventure Vans for your camping adventures. 

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CatTail Cove Roof-Top Camping with Arizona Adventure Vans

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