Wondering where to stay around Payson, Arizona? Here is our pick!

We choose to stay in an adorable town just outside of Payson named Strawberry. A perfect place to get out of the busy hustle and bustle of life. Tucked away in the mountains, almost two hours away from Phoenix, but well worth the drive to escape the heat. 

The Strawberry Inn offers many different options that are pet and kid friendly with cottages, airstreams, and single rooms. All of which are cozy and quaint.  

With no familiarity with the area, it might be hard to decide where you want to visit. So before our trip, we had done quite a bit of research to figure out where to visit in the area! Fortunately, this guide should help you! 

We have provided 5 top areas to visit while staying at The Strawberry Inn. 

  1. Tonto Natural Bridge 
  2. Water Wheel Falls
  3. Horton Creek Trail
  4. Rim Country Museum 
  5. Mogollon Rim

If you have any questions about visiting Strawberry Arizona feel free to send me an email info@arizonadventuregroup.com. You can also visit https://www.thestrawberryinn.com/ if you would like to reserve your stay at The Strawberry Inn.



*all links courtesy of Tripadvisor. Images courtesy of Google Image search



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